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Can the Employer enter into another employment contract with the Helper?

Cannot. All foreign domestic helpers who are working in Hong Kong are only required to enter the unique "Standard Employment Contract" (i.e. ID407). Any other kinds of employment contracts entered into by Employers and Helpers in private are illegal and which cannot be executed.

How to solve the language barrier and communication problems with the Helper?

First, Employers should examine the Cantonese or English language ability via interviews or direct dialogue during the selection and screening process. However, Cantonese is anyway not the Helper’s mother tongue, difficulties or problems in communication may arise. Employers are required to be patient and communicate with Helpers more frequently in Cantonese, so as to enhance the Helper’s Cantonese ability.

If necessary, Employers can contact our customer service representatives, we can arrange translators to contact with the Helpers to follow-up and provide assistance.

Helpers often forget the work routine and make mistakes, how to solve?

Helpers making mistakes is mostly because the communication problems arise between the Employers and Helpers. Employers may try to repeat the demonstration in person and explain more, Helpers should jot down notes to remind themselves.

Helpers can handle their work more easily if clear guidelines are provided. Therefore, Employers should prescribe "guidelines" for Helpers. Employers may draft the guidelines based on their personal habits and needs to draft the guidelines with daily work schedule and requirements. Employers should explain to Helpers upon their arrival and let them understand, it will reduce making mistakes.

Employers should provide Helpers 'adaptation period'. Helpers are coming from different places and they have different cultural backgrounds and living habits. It is not easy for them to adapt to new environment quickly. Therefore, Employers should be considerate and allow about 3 months for Helpers to adapt, so that the Helpers can have enough time to learn and understand the needs of Employers.

Do the Helpers have 3-months probationary period? If either the Employer or the Helper terminates the employment contract, are they required to give a 7-day notice?

Do the Helpers have 3-months probationary period? If either the Employer or the Helper terminates the employment contract, are they required to give a 7-day notice?
If the Employer or the Helper terminates the employment contract (even within the first 3 months of employment), they have to give at least 1-month notice or 1-month wage in lieu of notice, unless they have other mutual agreement

If the Helper goes back to her hometown for visit before the contract end date, is the Employer required to pay for airfare?

Not required. The Employer is required to pay the Helper for the one-way ticket for returning to the hometown, travelling expenses and food allowance.

Can Employer keep Helper’s passport?

The Employer has no rights to keep the Helper’s passport, unless it is requested or agreed by the Helper. Employers generally have misunderstanding that keeping the Helpers’ passports can increase the Helpers’ obedience, or prevent them from borrowing money from outsiders or getting other problems. But in fact, the Helpers can report loss of their passports to the police and apply for a new one from the Consulates in Hong Kong. Employers should communicate more with the Helpers in order to increase understanding and the level of trust, which is a more effective way to avoid problems.