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Who are Eligible to Hire?

To hire a foreign domestic helper, you need to be a Hong Kong resident with a monthly household income of no less than HK$15,000 or assets of comparable amount to support the expenses for the entire (i.e. two-year) contractual period.

Application Doucment

  1. Copy of the Employer’s HKID Card

  2. Income Proof of the Employer

    (Must meet the basic requirement of an annual household income of no less than HK$180,000. If you are going to hire 2 helpers, your annual income should be HK$180,000x 2 and so on.)

    Please provide one of the following items:

    1. Proof of Monthly salary of HK$15,000 or above for the past 3 consecutive months
    2. The latest demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Department showing that your annual salary is over HK$180,000
    3. A bank time deposit of at least HK$360,000 for at least 6 months

    * If the employer cannot provide income proof, the supporting person (such as spouse/parents/children) should provide the relevant proof of relationship such as the Marriage Certificate or Birth Certificate

  3. Address proof* such as rates/ water/ electricity /gas/ home telephone bills (if such bills are not under the employer’s name, please provide documents showing the relationship of the employer and the owner of the bill)

    * Please provide proof document from the Housing Department if you are living in public housing estates

  4. The name of HKID of the previous domestic helpers (if any)

Domestic Helper Salary

You should pay a foreign domestic helper a salary that is no less than the Minimum Allowable Wage (MAW) announced by the Government and prevailing at the date of signing the employment contract for employing the foreign domestic helper. The MAW is currently set at HK$4,630 per month

Under the Standard Employment Contract, you must provide the helper with suitable accommodation and with reasonable privacy, free food (or food allowance in lieu, which is HK$1,121 per month at present) and free passage from the helper’s home country to Hong Kong and return to the home country on termination or expiry of the contract. The above levels of the MAW and food allowance are applicable to all contracts signed on or after 29 September 2018.

As stipulated in the Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282), an employer must take out insurance policy to cover his/her liability both under the Ordinance and at common law for injury at work in respect of an employee. In addition, you are required to provide the helper with free medical treatment under the Standard Employment Contract when he/she is ill or suffers personal injury during the period of employment. You are therefore strongly advised to take out an insurance policy with full medical and hospitalization coverage for the helper. You may also consider taking out a comprehensive insurance policy which provides medical and hospitalization coverage and satisfies the requirement under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance at the same time.

Domestic Helper Holidays

Employer need provide worker 4-day holiday per month.

Termination of Employment Contract

Both the employer and the helper can give one-month written notice or pay one-month salary to each other to terminate the employment contract. Under the labour ordinance, employers have to pay the outstanding wages and provide the return air-ticket to the helper upon termination of the employment contract. Employers should inform the Immigration Department about the termination of the employment contract within 7 days by submitting form ID407E to the Immigration Department.